10 yr old chicago boys go viral smoke weed pointing guns in video

10 Yr Old CHICAGO Boys Go Viral; Smoke Weed & Pointing GUNS In Video!!

Two 10 year old fifth graders from Chicago are looking to be the hottest new rappers out of Chicago. But the content of the grammar school kids’ raps, and their actions have many people worried about them.


In the music video – which has gone viral across social media – the two boys are seen holding large quantities of what appears to be marijuana. And at one point in the video, each child is seen smoking from a lit blunt.

And the lyrics that the children are rapping are equally troubling. The pre-teens are talking about “smoking” their opps and “putting drugs in their body.”

The 10 year old boys also talk about having intimate physical relationships with their female fans.

The sad thing is that the music is actually catchy. The young men could have a really promising future in music – if they would just clean up their act and their lyrics.