Actors endorsing presidential candidates don’t represent the guild – AGN president, Emeka Rollas

Actors endorsing presidential candidates don’t represent the guild – AGN president, Emeka Rollas

National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Emeka Rollas has stated that members endorsing presidential candidates do not represent the guild.

Emeka Rollas said this in a statement issued after a “crucial meeting” of its national executive committee.

The AGN president said actors are at liberty to endorse or promote any presidential candidate of their choice but cannot do so under the guise of representing the collective interest of the association. He said:

“The AGN is a non-political and non-profit-making association. It is the right of individual members to campaign for, support, promote, and even endorse any aspirant of their choice.”

“Such an individual does not represent the interest of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and must not speak in a manner of representing or on behalf of the Guild. Any member who violates the order will be sanctioned accordingly.

“Any political party that discusses campaign promotion, rallies, and other political issues with an individual actor on behalf of the AGN does so at their own risk.”

Emeka also urged members of the guild to take into cognizance the manifesto of political aspirants for the creative industry, especially on how to develop Nollywood before giving their support.

He called on all presidential aspirants to present blueprints on how to develop the creative industry in general.

This is coming on the heels of actor, Benedict Johnson declaring his support for the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on behalf of the entire Nollywood.

He assured the former Governor of Lagos State that the entire Nollywood is a hundred per cent behind him. In his words:

“With your combination, I don’t think there is any defence that can stand them, sir, we the Nollywood, from Kannywood to Yorubahood and Igbohood are here today sir to tell you that they are hundred per cent behind you.”