actress chizzy alichi shows off her husband chike as they share a fun time together photos

Actress Chizzy Alichi Shows Off Her Husband, Chike, As They Share A Fun Time Together (Photos)


Life is beautiful when a woman has a man that makes her happy every day. In light of this, Chizzy Alichi Mbah flaunted her hubby, Chike, in loved-up pictures. The couple actually had a fun moment with each other, and Chizzy shared the lovely images on Instagram.

Couples spending time with each other can be quite exciting. Such fun moments give them the opportunity to bond in an atmosphere of love. Chizzy had a fun time with her lovely husband and shared it on her official Instagram handle. She wrote: “Happy new month to you and your household.”

It takes a responsible and happy woman to know what makes her family happy at any point in time. Chizzy is definitely a woman who never jokes with her husband. She enjoyed some playtime with him and asked her photographer to take some shots. She went ahead to share the beautiful moments on Instagram.

Photos are credited to Instagram.


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