EXPOSED: Nollywood used and dumped actresses

They are naturally pretty. This endowment, too, may have been deposited in them before movie director who, through prominent roles, eventually made them celebrities. Like most typical Nigeria celebrities conscious of star status, they flaunt their beauty and popularity. This, as expected, may have eventually fetched them favour through the woman-wrapper marketers, directors and producers who compromise physically to get what they want.

Like any other adventure-seeking man, poised to sustain these exciting times, these consequential movie makers, usually entice them with more prominent roles and equally irresistible pay which the actresses usually payback secretly.

Some of the used and dumped ones have been lucky to do this for long without being trapped by the prying eyes of the gossip press, while others may not have been as lucky.

This set of controversial actresses have since become the cynosure of the vibrant press. Investigations revealed that the mobility of most of these actresses in Nollywood have not been helping matters as a result the unbecoming manner they expose the supposedly secret affair between them and their lover boys movie makers.

This revelation, observers maintain, is as empirical as a photographer’s work. That too, has served as a veritable source of news for the softsell magazine which thrive on such. Some of these controversial Nollywood actresses may actually not have been aware of the implication of their actions. As a result, many have not been sober because it did not mean anything to them and so could not see any reason to be sober.

One of them who was alleged to have fallen in love with controversial Jim Iyke, was quoted to have said: “We are consenting adults just out to catch fun after all.” Her stance undoubtedly bellies that of several quiet  ones who belong to her school of thought.

Movies “Bad Boy,” Segun Arinze, and his suave ex-heartthrob were of the same stance. Although, theirs were not talk of the town. This may be as a result of Jim Iykes’ penchant for expressing his love publicly without a damn.

Like him too, controversial Ernest Asuzu did same with his ex-older actress lover, who have since settled down somewhere in Akwa Ibom State.

Theirs, then, appeared to be more pretty rude and careless. They kissed publicly anytime, anywhere; mindless of what anybody could think or say. Like what lover boys would do for their women, Asuzu’s used and dumped ex-actress who allegedly spoilt him with money and gifts, including unalloyed access to her 190E Benz Car. In fact, he lived liked a monarch, while their love lasted.

But like any other things that hardly lasted for eternity, their love boat, like other love birds in Nollywood, suddenly hit the rock and both parted ways. There is no doubt that these used and dumped actress syndrome in Nollywood is as old as the history of the movie industry itself.