Hajia4real sings better than Beyoncé – CJ Biggerman

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Ghanaian rapper CJ Biggerman has started a huge debate on social media after revealing that slay queen turned musician Hajia4real sings better than American singer Beyoncé.

Hajia for real has been in the music scene for a few months and already has one album linked to her name.

At the start of her career, while some people applauded her for venturing into music others were of the view that her voice was bad and so therefore she must just quit and continue slaying.

CJ Biggerman on his timeline on social media posted that he believes Haija4real sings better than Beyoncè.

His post reads: “Hajia 4 Real sings better than Beyoncé”

See screenshot of the post below:

CJ Biggerman Hajia4real sings better than Beyoncé – CJ Biggerman — Legit Naija
CJ Biggerman

As to whether he is being serious with his statement or just making fun of Hajia4real, he is the only person

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