Hero dog leads cops across hills, paths and ravines to find missing 84-year-old owner

A heroic dog called El Palomo led cops across hills, paths and ravines to his 84-year-old owner who was lost in the desert for a week after going on a walk.

Gregorio Romero left his house in Moctezuma, Sonora State in Mexico on November 27 to go for a walk but got lost.

A major manhunt was launched which included a trained sniffer dog unit.

But it was OAP Gregorio’s trusted pooch El Palomo who found him just 1.9 miles from his home on December 4.

Video footage shows rescuers joyfully leading Gregorio back home after he was found by his canine best friend.

Another clip shows El Palomo gently nudging his beloved owner with his nose and checking him over with a caring sniff before the exhausted man sits down in a chair.

The two-year-old mongrel led rescuers to him after crossing over hills, paths and ravines to where he was in the Sonora Desert.

He then waited loyally outside his hospital ward for two days while his owner received treatment.

Members of the National Guard, the Municipal Police, the Municipal Civil Protection Unit, and even a trained sniffer dog unit tried and failed to find Gregorio.

Family members reported him missing four days after he vanished.

He would often visit nearby villages and wouldn’t return for a few days, so his relatives were not initially worried about his safety.

But his niece Ramona began get concerned after a few days as Gregorio sometimes suffered from memory loss.

A week had passed when the authorities decided they had exhausted all their efforts and finally turned to the missing OAP’s loyal dog.

He walked back with the support of his rescuers.

The two-year-old mongrel led rescuers to him after crossing over hills, paths and ravines to where he was in the Sonora Desert

The elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with dehydration and malnutrition and received two days of treatment.

Naturally, El Palomo waited outside Gregorio’s hospital ward the whole time.

The Prosecutor’s Office said: ‘El Palomo’ remained by the hospital door day and night waiting for the recovery of his beloved Don Goyo [Gregorio].’

The authority added: ‘On Tuesday 6 December, Don Goyo went out to sunbathe as part of his recovery and, of course, his faithful friend sat nearby to protect him.

‘The unconditional love of his pet allowed Don Goyo to be reunited with his family, because it was ‘El Palomo’ who led the authorities to where he was.’