I thought it was a love letter — but my man dumped me with a 7-page rant

I thought it was a love letter — but my man dumped me with a 7-page rant

Breakups are never fun, but they sting a little more if they’re not done face to face.

TikTok user Karla Velarde revealed that her boyfriend broke up with her by writing a letter that spanned not just one, but seven pages.

“Me being excited thinking my boyfriend wrote me a love letter … ” she wrote in the clip, which has been viewed over 3.9 million times.

However, Velarde was in for a rude shock when it became clear that the missive’s intention was to end the relationship — and was not page after page of adoration.

In the short clip, Velarde flipped through the letter, which consisted of seven single-spaced pages of a typed out letter stapled together.

“I was so excited he had finally put in the work,” Velarde admitted in the comments, then added: “[Then] let down.”

But that wasn’t the end of the saga for the poor woman, who has posted several updates since the initial viral video. In one, she claimed that a friend called her saying her ex-boyfriend had tried to match with her on the dating app, Raya.

She also said he hadn’t let her post certain photos, as it “wasn’t convenient for his cheating” — with users telling her some of his actions were a “red flag.”

In her most recent video, Velarde posted screenshots apparently showing that her ex has been in contact since she made the video to accuse her of hiring people to “attack” him online.

She showed the typed out seven-page letter her now ex-boyfriend wrote.
She showed the typed out, seven page letter her now ex-boyfriend allegedly wrote.
Users said his actions were definite red flags.
Users said his actions were definite red flags.

Thousands of TikTok users flooded the comments section of Velarde’s videos — many drawing parallels between the letter and Rachel’s infamous 18 page breakup note in an episode of “Friends” — sharing their own breakup stories or messages of support.

“Men are so cowardly I’m so sorry,” one user wrote.

“You’re better off without him!!” another wrote.

“I’d annotate it and give it right back lmfao,” suggested one user.