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‘Lonely’ man calls 999 repeatedly asking blonde officer to be his girlfriend

A man has been warned 999 is “not a dating site” after bombarding the number with requests for blonde policewomen to come round for sex.

The nuisance man dialled 999 a total of 56 times in the space of just four months, making crude sexual comments and often refusing to get off the line.

This incident happened in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

However, in another related development, a woman called 999 to demand police come and remove a ‘massive’ spider from her house.

West Yorkshire Police have posted an audio clip where you can hear the woman asking the call operator to get someone to remove the insect out of her house.

The astonishing call shows the type of time-wasting calls police forces have to put up with on a daily basis.

The woman said: “Hiya, you’re probably gonna go mad at me right but I’ve literally tried ringing everyone and you’re my last hope.

“I need someone to come and get this spider out of my house.

“It’s absolutely massive and I’m not even joking!”

A close-up stock image of a giant house spider on a wooden floor

The call operator responds: “Unfortunately the police wouldn’t be able to come and get a spider out of your house.”

West Yorkshire Police have urged people to not ring 999 unless it’s an emergency as they receive ‘”20 calls a day to our 999 line that are not a life or death emergency.”

Social media users have also slammed the women and agreed that she ‘should be billed for wasting time’.