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Love in war: Ukrainian sniper marries soldier she met during war against Russia

A Ukranian sniper popularly referred to as Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ got married to her military husband on the frontlines while wielding a deadly machine gun.

The rather famous sniper, Evgenia Emerald, aged 31, shared her “perfect wedding” with netizens as she stated that”a new patriotic family was born“.

Her wedding was on a public holiday known as Defender’s Day over the weekend and it’s a special day in Ukraine to honour Ukrainian military veterans.

The couple first met shortly after Putin launched his full scale invasion, with Evgenia announcing the military couple’s engagement just a few months later in August.

Writing on Instagram, she said,

“Today I became officially the wife of the military.

“It happened on the frontline… I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding!

“We understand that every day could be the last one and we don’t want to postpone life for later.

“It’s a special day – too many holidays. I want to congratulate all defenders. Glory to heroes!

“I also celebrate my lover because today is his birthday. Now he will definitely never forget his wedding anniversary.”