Man gets 2kg dumbbell stuck up his bum and medics had to remove it with their hands

Man gets 2kg dumbbell stuck up his bum and medics had to remove it with their hands

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Doctors were shocked to find an eight inch dumbbell, weighing 2kg, inside a man’s rectum after he arrived at A&E complaining of cramps and severe constipation.

Medics said the patient was “uncooperative” while he was being examined, so they decided to X-ray his abdomen.

They then found an object, that was later revealed to be a 2kg dumbbell, lodged firmly in the 54-year-old man’s rectum.

When medics at the hospital in Manaus, Brazil, were unable to remove the object using tweezers, they opted for a “manual extraction”.

This meant they put their hand into the man’s bum to remove the dumbbell.

According to a report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports written by Dr Ana Elisa de Landa Moraes Teixeira Grossi and her team, a surgeon inserted their hand “up to the forearm” to get a grip on the item.

Dr Ana wrote: “Despite the location of the object being considered high, manual transanal extraction was chosen, inserting the surgeon’s forearm with some difficulty, without post-extraction complications.”

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