Moment a 'Corper' pranked Portable and his staff at Singer's restaurant in Sango Otta

Moment a ‘Corper’ pranked Portable and his staff at Singer’s restaurant in Sango Otta

There was mild drama in Controversial Singer’s popular restaurant at Sango Otta, Ogun State, after a young Corper, Kopa Respect, intentionally created a scene.

A viral Instagram video posted by Celebrity blogger, Tunde Ednut, shows when Zazuu Crooner queried Kopa Respect, for refusing to pay his bill after consuming food at his bar.

The Content creator told the music star that he ordered and consumed soft drink plus small pieces of meat but was given a bill different from what he consumed.

His persistent denial left other customers and Singer’s Staff stunned.

However, Portable was generous enough to let him go without paying for his food. The content creator ended up confessing that they had been pranked.

Everyone in the restaurant was left bemused and laughing out loud at the man’s successful prank.