"My girlfriend and her mother stole my money"

“My girlfriend and her mother stole my money”

A young man has narrated how he began having issues with his girlfriend after she opted for her mother to help him with his business.

According to him, he sells wears and his girlfriend requested for him to handover some of his goods to her mother to sell for him which he had agreed.

He sent her mother goods worth about 150k to which she only gave him 14k.

He wrote:
“My gf mom shocked me. Hello, gud afternoon. My gf and I are having some issues at the moment. It’s very funny to me. I can’t believe it. i sell wears ( female clothes and purse ) my gf said her mom can help me and sell and she will gain 1k on each product.those particular clothes and purse did not move.

Me am like okay. I gave my gf mom product worth 150k to sell from June 15th and till today she has give me 14k only.

I asked for the products back she started to dribble me. She gave me some. On return some of the products have been worn. Some even have stains on them.

She denied , she said maybe it’s there maid. One day I said I want to help her update her WhatsApp, I check her gallery and i saw she wore almost all the products. She snapped almost 120pics I sent some to myself and showed my gf. She was defending her mom that most of them did not move before so why am I doing anyhow.

Should I press the matter or free ?

Some products are still with her till this very instant”

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