Mzgee finally exposes the person who leaked TT’s audio of begging for leftovers from her (Video)

PicsArt 01 12 06.24.341 Mzgee finally exposes the person who leaked TT’s audio of begging for leftovers from her (Video) — Legit Naija

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Media personality, MzGee has painfully reacted to claims that she was the one who released the shameful audio of veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjetefio for begging for leftover foods

According to MzGee in a new video, she didn’t release the audio and she doesn’t know where those claims are coming from because she’s supported Psalm Adjeteyfio, aka T.T from day one.

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In this fresh self-made video, Mzgee recounted how she drove all the way to Dodowa in 2001 just to deliver gifts to TT and ever since then, they’ve had a cordial relationship.

She went on to assert that she was in Nigeria when TT sent her that voice note hence she promised to attend to him when she returns to Ghana.

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Mzgee further narrated that when she came back to Ghana, she sent the audio to an insider at the vice-president’s office since TT told her point-blank in the voice note that ever since he received the 50k from the veep all his helpers have vamoosed.

And then, the Greater Accra’s regional minister’s 1,500 cedis pledge also came only once.

As stressed by Mzgee in the emotional video, she was not the one who leaked the audio because she sent it to only one person – Who is a worker at the vice-president’s office.

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Pained Mzgee also went hard on those unnecessarily bashing her for allegedly releasing the audio while she’s not the one behind its leak.

Watch the video below to know more…

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