paul pogbas brother reportedly teams up with a gang to blackmail him demands e13 million

Paul Pogba’s brother reportedly teams up with a gang to blackmail him, demands €13 million

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According to developing reports regarding Paul Pogba, the French police are looking into a case of “attempted extortion by an organized gang.”

Pogba has informed police that he was held captive by two hooded assailants brandishing assault guns and two old buddies who demanded €13 million from him.

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His brother Mathias Pogba is among the suspected gang members in addition to old buddies.

On several instances, they have made an effort to frighten him; they have even paid him a visit at Juventus’ training facility.

Paul Pogba spent time with his family at Langy-sur-Marne between March 25 and March 29, when France hosted the Ivory Coast and South Africa in two friendlies.

Then, his pals brought him to a Parisian flat where they accused him of failing to support him financially ever since he turned professional.

In this encounter, two armed men demanded €13 million from Pogba in exchange for their “services provided,” saying they had secretly safeguarded him for 13 years.