Peerro For The People: This Black Woman In Tech Created An App To Bridge The Employment Gap

Happy Friday! We’re super excited to introduce you to a Black tech founder whose app is helping people find jobs.

Dr. Rachel Angel Founder of Peerro

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Cleveland, OH native Dr. Rachel Angel originally pursued a career in Pharmacy after learning about the industry through conversation with a peer, because she was seeking job stability and a six-figure income. That conversation actually also planted the seed for her career pathway management system, Peerro. After receiving a Pharm.D. degree from Hampton University at the age of 24, Dr. Angel worked as a practicing pharmacist for 10 months when she decided to launch a nonprofit organization to empower the youth by introducing them to new opportunities.

Dr. Angel was able to raise $1.3 million in capital from investors whoo believed in her vision. Her value proposition for providing a more efficient system for employment candidates and related services was further validated when Franklin County, the largest district in the state of Ohio, began using Peerro’s software. She was also the only black app to recently be featured in The Wall Street Journal next to Indeed, Glassdoor and linkedin.

Founded in 2015, the company moniker combines the words peer and hero — placing great emphasis on how horizontal networking can lead to a peer influencing another person’s life in a positive way. As a result of a fellow student changing the trajectory of her life, Dr. Angel charged herself with the task of creating technology to duplicate that experience for other young people and opportunity seekers of all ages to build their careers. Peerro benefits both students and employers by bridging the gap between a skilled talent pool and realistic job requirements.

“We pride ourselves on aligning the interests of job seekers with the needs of employers,” Dr. Angel says of Peerro.

Peerro’s user-friendly mobile app gives instant access to available jobs that match an individual’s criteria and also identifies training in their area, which helps to streamline the hiring process.

Dr. Rachel Angel Founder of Peerro

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“We provide users with actionable steps to implement immediately at the click of a button but we also help map out as well as guide them through their long-term plans. I had a 10-year plan as a teenager and it proved to be invaluable because I was able to measure my progress and readjust as needed. I placed myself back into the role of an 18-year-old student and incorporated all of those beneficial elements into Peerro.”

The app has proven to be a pivotal resource with multiple stories of young people gaining access to employment through technology.

As a Black woman in the tech space, Dr. Angel understands the challenges that make it hard for someone who looks like her to navigate their way to the top.

“Being a black woman in this position, I don’t have a choice but to be an activist. I accept the responsibility of being an agent of change and a person who breaks down barriers and fearlessly speaks truth.”

Angel adds, “We exist to provide access as well as actionable instruction and education to individuals seeking a seat at the proverbial table. I’m genuinely inspired by all the ways sharing just a small bit of information can help change the course of a person’s life journey. The way I see it, when one of us wins, we all win.”

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