Rita Ora enjoys a naked bath soak in pink water

Rita Ora relaxes in pink bath
Rita Ora lounges naked while enjoying her pink bath. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Rita Ora made quite the statement as she was recently photographed in her spacious tub, completely naked.

Rita looked absolutely stunning as she elegantly posed for the shot, unclothed and seemingly carefree.

The 31-year-old singer is well-known for her sensational voice and, of course, her glowing personality. 

However, the singer keeps active on her social media, where she amplifies the fact that she’s also quite trendy when it comes to her stylistic choices. 

Rita enjoys sharing her experiences and all of her favorite memories with her 16.1 million Instagram followers, which inevitably makes her page hard to turn away from.

In her most recent Instagram post, the singer makes it especially hard to look away as she seductively posed in the tub while naked.

Rita Ora is pretty in pink

The singer surprised all her followers when she posted this risque yet intimate photograph. She captioned the picture by saying, “Pink baths, wine, bees and things. 💕💖💗💓💘💝.”

Rita posed naked as she lay in a luxurious, giant bath filled with pretty pink water.

The pink water was only filled so high as her slender arms and legs surfaced above, perfectly outlining her silhouette for the shot.

She folded her hands over her chest and carefully crossed her legs as she happily posed away in the lavish bathroom.

The singer looked beautiful in her natural state, as she was effortlessly glowing with no makeup on. Her hair was wet and slicked back as it floated in the water behind her.

The collage of photos also featured another bath-time shot, revealing most of her exposed back along with her rib tattoo. 

The water flowed freely from the faucet above her as the singer continued to enjoy her relaxing bath session.

Rita Ora expresses the importance of mental health 

In another recent post, Rita highlights the importance of mental health and why you need to take time to care for yourself on a daily basis.

She captioned the mirror selfie by saying, “This weekend I’m working on me. Music and my physical and mental health. What you are guys working on that’s for yourself this weekend? Do at least one thing, going to a nice dinner, meditating, reading, hugging your pet, watching a movie, taking a bath, laughing with your friends, ANYTHING 🙏🏼✨do it for you.”

Rita was wearing grey Nike bottoms and a black sports bra, with her back to the camera, as she advocated for mental health in her caption.

It’s safe to say the singer uses her platform for the greater good as she constantly mentions the importance of mental and physical health.