Sister Derby celebrates her boyfriend's birthday

Sister Derby celebrates her boyfriend’s birthday

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Self-styled African mermaid, Sister Derby and her young boyfriend has made it into the headlines again following a new video of them that has since gone viral on the internet.

Apparently, the songstress organized a coded birthday party for her young lover but some of the attendees of the event recorded the whole event that was supposed to be kept in secrecy.

With reference to the video, one can boldly tell that the birthday party was a low budget one which is very unfortunate looking at how Sister Derby parades herself as a big girl and claims that her boyfriend is also very rich.

Critics on the internet who are mostly Medikal’s fans are making a mockery of Sister Derby.

According to them, it’s not by force to organize a birthday party just because it’s the new norm while you know that you’re low on cash and can’t make it a glamorous or a near-perfect event.

In one of the videos that has landed on our desks, the lovers were cutting a very small birthday cake believed to be not more than 30 cedis.

Well, I don’t side with the harsh views of the critics though because some people are minimalists and want simple things including parties etc.