stupid response so mr macaroni nor get work nigerians drag actress moyo lawal for saying this about lekki protesters

‘Stupid response, so Mr Macaroni nor get work’- Nigerians Drag Actress, Moyo Lawal for saying this… about Lekki protesters

Nigerian have slammed Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal following her response to the arrest of Mr. Macaroni and other #OccupyLekki tollgate protesters on Saturday morning.

In a post made on her Instagram page, Moyo expressed displeasure over the incident noting her busy schedules and work have not allowed her to be on social media.

Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal

Many Nigerians who reacted to the post stated the actress is indirectly saying the Comedia, Mr. Macaroni, and others who came out for the protest have no job.

See the conversation below: My God… I juat saw a video of debo @mrmacaroni1 in a bus with others… What is going on 😪? Please how can we get this sorted? Nawa oooh… Nigeria 😭.

An Instagram user replied the actress: You just saw? where were you? since una no one spread the love out from Lagos make he go round so the mouth to face government go plenty, na so he go dey play. You just saw it indeed. Spread the love!!!!!!!!.

Moyo Lawal replied: Oga some of us have work that we use our hand to do.. Am not a billionaire like you that doesn’t need to work anymore and spend all the time on social media.

The conversation generated several reactions on Intagram.
iam_ddr: It not funny.. are you now saying Mr macaroni don’t have work??

eromosele08: Stupid response. So Mr Macaroni nor get work. U dey use person fight for freedom take dey trend very stupid response.

thetoluabosede: Her response is totally off point. Ko necestri at all. Silence will have been better , cos I don’t see a reason to prove any point to that dull person . Is it 24hrs everyone will be online ?

official_daddyray1: Who’ve also notice many celebrities haven’t said anything about the ongoing turns of event, it’s a pity we still support these people and even tattoo their name or picture on our skin..the question is will they fight for us when the time comes to make sure our voices are heard.


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