waka floka tammy see each other for 1st time since divorce filing awkward pics

Waka Floka & Tammy SEE EACH OTHER For 1st Time Since Divorce Filing! (Awkward Pics)

SKRIT Clothing Star studded POP UP opened yesterday at Boutique Fitting Room B. in ATL’s Brookhaven. The pop up shop had a ton of great fashion, and the celebs came out to get first dibs on the merchandise.


While Waka Flocka & Famed Stylist Middle Man Fresh co-hosted the event together, half of Atlanta showed up to the event.

MTO News’ cameras were there, and we managed to catch a glimpse of Waka and his estranged wife Tammy. 

Waka Floka & Tammy SEE EACH OTHER For 1st Time Since Tammy Filed Divorce! (Awkward Pics)

The two ran into each other at the event – for the first time since Tammy filed for divorce. 

At first their interaction was a little awkward. But after the initial awkwardness passed, MTO News observed that they both seemed like they really miss each other.

Look at the pics:


Tammy Rivera filed to divorce Waka in October. The pair announced their separation earlier in the year.