Whitney Rose teases tense relationship with BFF Heather Gay in Season 3 of RHOSLC

Whitney Rose teases tense relationship with BFF Heather Gay in Season 3 of RHOSLC

Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose opens up about the drama that unfolds in Season 3. Pic credit: @whitneywildrose/Instagram

The ladies of Salt Lake City are finally back for Season 3 on Wednesday night after what seems like too long to wait.

The cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City rounded out with three new “friends-of” joining this season, but our old favorites are also back in action.

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay are not only great friends, but they are also distant cousins with Mormon Pioneer roots. They enjoyed a tight bond for the first two seasons of this chaotic franchise.

But it looks like Season 3 is going to be a challenge for the cousins, as rumors have swirled that they had some “Bad Weather” this time around and that it possibly even got physical between them.

With Lisa Barlow at the center of the battle between a lot of the ladies, the group dynamic has shifted in a way that has best friends at each other’s throats.

What happened between the BFF and can it be fixed? Whitney openly talks about what went down and where she stands now with the ladies.

RHOSLC: Whitney Rose said her bond with Heather Gay was changed ‘forever’

Whitney said in a recent interview, “[Heather] pushes me, and that changed everything forever.” The cousins seemed to be fighting over a rumor involving Lisa Barlow, and dealings having to do with her company, Vida Tequila.

Whitney does admit she had a part in the rumor spreading, revealing that Meredith Marks was the one who gave her the salacious information about Lisa.

But what caused this rift? Whitney said, in regards to Heather, “Those rumors that we hear about in the super-teases and all of that, people don’t want to own who started it, who said it, and people don’t like to be called out on their stuff. So, when you have someone who’s trying to lie, and someone’s really challenging them, they’re gonna get angry.”

Whitney said she learned a valuable lesson during Season 3, which is, “Always keep it 100 percent real. Lies always come to the surface.” She also revealed that she is not in a great place with Heather or Meredith, present day, simply saying, “We exist.” The cousins even filmed The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip over the summer in Thailand, and still did not get on good terms.

Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow sparked a new friendship this season

Admitting that she used to view Lisa Barlow only through the lens of Heather, Whitney said she and Lisa grew closer after all of the drama surrounding the rumors about Vida Tequila. “I saw [Lisa] through everyone else’s lenses, and naturally when your bestie doesn’t like someone, you’re going to pre-judge someone, because you’re seeing them through their lenses.”

Whitney also revealed that the issues with Lisa made her see Lisa differently – more vulnerable and open. She said viewers get to see the evolution of her and Lisa’s friendship throughout the season.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City returns Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.