Why most celebrated Nollywood actresses are not married

There is no doubt that a sizable number of celebrated Nollywood actresses know their onions as per acting and have since become experts in their chosen field.

Their natural pretty faces, elegance and gait further beef up these pluses in all ramifications. However, the tendency to be arrogant has rocked pitiably all their sterling qualities for the fun of it.

This clause really turned out to be the satanic factor that rocked the golden chance of most of them settling down with a man as wife. Paraded here are five of such celebrities.

Alex Lopez: Light skinned, tall and with pointed nose to match; was naturally an eye catcher for any good looks, loving man. Her charm may have fetched her the various lead roles she played in so many top TV soap operas, packaged by some top producers, directors and marketers who may have one stake or another.

But pitiably, her titillating endowments were simply rubbished by her alleged scandalous love for money which was further rubbished by pride. These negatives, we scooped, forced promising gentlemen to look the other way for possible luck.

BisiIbidapo-Obe: In Yoruba movie circle, people know and address her as Bisi Omologba-logba. She is simply a smashing beauty by any measurement. Her good looks too, pulled some consequential to her. Like a typical Nigerian conscious of beauty, she started to throw her weight around, until she finally fell into the hands of the highly controversial politician, Dino Melaye. Amidst the raging pregnancy talks, she had a baby girl for him few years ago.

Disturbingly, Dino failed to embrace the baby as his child because he is happily married. However, feelers claimed that he, at last, identified with the said baby secretly for the alleged fear of his wife. During Bisi’s face off with Melaye, top act, Timaya was said to have met her at an occasion on Victoria Island.

Timaya was reported to have been infatuated about her beauty and moved to express his love out rightly for her beauty, but she was alleged to have shunned him even as a celebrity. Can U imagine that? We gathered that she has exhibited such many times in the past. Now look at it! Till this moment, she’s yet to be married.

Bimbo Akintola: She is naturally a fine lady with pointed nose and superb diction which is an obvious plus for any actress. But sadly, she was into chain smoking which she allegedly did severally with reckless abandon alongside hot drinks guzzling. Although, no producer, director or even marketers, can turn her down after rehearsals. However, majority of them have wondered aloud, according to feelers, why such recklessness.

Some fellow actors or other descent gentlemen who may have also seen her could just distance themselves from her, making it impossible for her to get an honest suitor for a husband

Lilian Bache: Her natural fair skin, pointed nose of the whites as a daughter of Scottish father married to a Lagosian mother also has an English accent which made Lilian an already made actress. But sadly, she had that disturbing element of arrogance like her fellow light-skinned actresses which has been rocking their golden chances as per getting suitors and settling down with any true loving and God-fearing man as a husband.

However, discerning Nollywoodians expressed surprises that Lilian managed to see some goodness in Late Davidson Johnson who had a top music studio, off Eric Moore road, Surulere, Lagos.

It’s on good source too that she befriended lanky actor Pat Atta, who is actually missing in action till date. Till today, Lilian is yet to settle down. It’s a general and strong belief that unless she drops her pride, correct suitors may continue to elude her for as long as there’s this pompous spirit is still in her.

Sikiratu Sindodo: Her real name is Tayo Odueke, a top and controversial Yoruba actress, fans knew, was the official outside wife of NURTW big shot, MC Oluomo.

As a result of her association with him, men dread coming close to her for years while their boyfriend and girlfriend matter lasted. Although, she had the best of it with expensive Jeep’s to show for befriending MC Oluomo.

However, not all that glitters are gold as the love nwantiti suddenly collapsed one-day like badly arranged cards, with each accusing one another of infidelities of sorts. Hence till date, Sindodo is yet to settle down to matrimonial bliss. Imagine!