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Woman Says She Smells Husband’s Inner Pants to Check if He’s Cheating

Kimberly Flores, a businesswoman and model, has shared that she has an unusual way of making sure that her husband, singer Edwin Luna, is not cheating.

The model also checks her husband’s Instagram likes and whether there are any potential threats lurking there.

Luna shared the story on his Instagram and asked his fans whether his wife was toxic, or if it was normal behaviour for women.

A model and businesswoman, Kimberly Flores, has shared that she smells her husband’s inner pants singer Edwin Luna to check if he’s cheating.

Guatemalan model and businesswoman Kimberly Flores has allegedly devised an unusual way to tell if her husband’s been cheating.

She smells his inner pants to sniff out potential love rivals.

Luna detailed the infidelity smell test on the reality TV show “Rica, Famosa, Latina (Rich, Famous, Latin),” New York Post reported.

Well, that’s not all; the model goes through his latest Instagram likes and credit card to see whether he has been using his cash on someone else.

“I always check the expenses of the credit card, the calls at midnight, and I even smell his underpants . . . and even the ‘likes’ on Instagram,” she declared.

She noted that her hubby had been faithful so far. Luna shared the snippet to his 3.6 million Instagram followers with a caption inquiring if this was proof his other half was ‘toxic’.

Needless, the video stirred mixed reactions, with some deeming the smelling-underwear model’s behaviour controlling and pathological.

However, others simply thought she made the declaration in jest, as evidenced by the fact that even her beauty was poking fun at it.