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Woman slammed for having ELEVEN kids with EIGHT different ‘baby daddies’

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A woman who has given birth to 11 kids by eight different men has responded to haters who accused her of only having so many children so that she could get money from the government.

The woman, named Phi (pictured), from Memphis, Tennessee, has earned viral fame on TikTok for often sharing a glimpse into life with her massive brood, where she has gained more than 90,000 followers.

But the mother-of-11 is often forced to defend her decision to have so many babies against online trolls — some have said they ‘feel sorry’ for her kids, while others have wondered if she is using her numerous baby daddies to get financial support.

When one nasty commenter alleged that she chose to have so many kids because she ‘doesn’t want to work’ and is ‘living off child support,’ Phi responded by sharing a video of alleged court papers that show she is only earning $10 per month in child support.

And when another hater wrote that her kids were ‘in distress,’ she clapped back by sharing a video montage of them dancing, having fun, and enjoying quality time together.

Clearly unbothered by the backlash, Phi loves to toy with her haters, and she often replies to their negative comments with videos of herself dancing.

When someone asked her where she finds her baby daddies, she joked, ‘I used Craigslist but that’s kind of played out now, so I usually post on [Facebook] Marketplace. Or if I see an empty billboard I’ll post an ad up there.’

She also said in a TikTok video that she ‘wants to have another 19 children’ to make it ‘an even 30,’ but it appears that she was only teasing.

Back in August, Phi opened up about her decision to have so many kids with different men in a video that got more than 2.9 million views, and she explained that she did it so that her children would never be ‘fatherless.’

‘One thing I’m sick of having to explain is why I have eight baby daddies,’ she said. ‘I’m gonna explain this one time for y’all so there won’t be any more questions. If you have one and you take away one, you have zero.

But if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five. If I only had one baby daddy and he leave or die my kids would be fatherless, but if I have eight and three were to leave or die my kids still have five dads,’ she elaborated in the comment section of the video.

Despite Phi being unruffled, it hasn’t stopped people from continuing to mercilessly ridicule her in the comment section of her videos. ‘Bro they ain’t Pokémon. You don’t gotta catch them all,’ one person wrote.

Someone else even compared her to Nick Cannon, who has 10 children with six different women and is currently expecting his eleventh.