Woman urges everyone to try the ‘best hack ever’ to avoid slipping on ice

Falling head first on a patch of icy pavement is a regular fear during the winter months, but this mother has come up with a slip-proof hack.

Scottish blogger Mels-Family-Life revealed on her TikTok page that she puts thick socks over her shoes in order to avoid falls.

After covering her soles with the accessories, she said that the ‘best hack ever’ was ‘a absolute game changer. ‘

While it is not clear whether the hack is as effective as the blogger claims, many other people revealed they swear by it when icy weather takes over.

The Scottish blogger Mels-Family-Life revealed on her TikTok page that she puts thick socks over her shoes in order to avoid falls

Mel shared a video claiming the socks were keeping her from slidy on a patch of ice in front of her house.

‘When it’s icy – you can’t see it, but this ice is so, so slidy – socks on shoes. Thanks mum,’ the blogger said in the short video.

In the video, Mel also said she borrowed her partner’s socks for full effect.

Many praised the hack, and some said they have been using it for years, in spite of the move raising some eyebrows.

She revealed she got the tip from her mother and had used her partner's thick socks for full effect

‘I’ve always done this. Always get the looks but I ain’t the one sliding,’ one said.

‘I’ rather look silly with socks over shoes than struggling around on crutches after snapping a leg slipping on ice,’ another said, admitting that wearing socks over shoes would get her looks.

‘I’m so on this.. I’ live in Scotland am petrified of slipping I’ve had few falls too.. So thanks,’ one said.

‘Who cares what we look like! I’d rather be safe. Definitely give it a go, it’s amazing,’ another cheered.

‘You really do appreciate the wee hacks as you grow older. no way in a million years would I have been caught dead wearing that if I was at school comfort wins now,’ one said.

‘Haha yes! Being a mum of 2 I couldn’t care how I look now! As long as I can carry my babies safely to the car etc,’ one wrote.

And one person said they also learned the same trick from their own mother.

‘My mum would put those on our shoes when we were kids and had to walk to school on icy roads,’ one said.

However, one parent noted her children would not like her to sport the look.

‘My kids would be horrified if I done the school run like this let’s go,’ she said.

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